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  Nutrition Coaching Services for the General Fitness Enthusiast

I love the feeling I get from exercising both physically and mentally. I am a believer in all the benefits of exercise and I share that with my clients in fun and innovative ways. I love teaching people of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy working out and I get a thrill when I see my clients use what I’ve taught them on their own. I am passionate about helping people reach, or even exceed their goal in achieving a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to being a Professional Natural Bodybuilder, I am also a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition and a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and performance exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. These accomplishments have taught me a lot about training AND nutrition and I am eager to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

What is the problem?

A recent government survey indicated that 50% of American adults wanted to lose weight and start a regular diet and fitness program. The latest statistics published by the World Health Organization (WHO) states that globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them clinically obese. Why are these people not exercising and changing their lifestyle and health? I am sure there are many reasons but the top excuses that come to my mind are that they cannot afford one-on-one-training or coaching and they have no idea what to do or where to start.   I see it all the time, people join the gym and they have good intentions but fail because they are overwhelmed. I witness a lot of badly executed exercises, people performing ineffective groups of exercises together and mostly people doing cardio on machines getting no results because they don’t know what else to do.

What is my vision for a solution?

I have a vision of reaching out to these overweight adults and those seeking further information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to offer affordable coaching programs that people can easily follow to get the results they need to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

There is no easy remedy. You cannot take a pill, do a cleanse or do crunches to get abs. You have to be willing to put the work in and make changes to your current habits and lifestyle. The results are worth it, not just to look and feel better physically but for your health.


I want to teach people how to eat for their health and how to eat to get the results they want. This has to be lifestyle change – no fad diets – but learn to eat for LIFE. When I was in competition season I would spend more time in the kitchen then in the gym!!


“I’m so thankful to have met Tara, she has taught me all about IIFYM (If It fits your macros). I have an incredible trainer and work out hard. Once I was introduced to flexible eating by Tara with macros it was a whole new adventure for me. Tara said time and time again, you’ve got to stay consistent with your macros. Within a few months, my body fat changed and my body changed. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and steers you down the right path of learning how to eat right and make it a life style. Thank you so much Tara for all of your help.” Rosalind D. Godfrey

“I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Tara through my workout partner. Tara has introduced me to macros and it has certainly changed my life for the positive. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to learn from. She has truly inspired me to take my daily nutrition to a healthy level. It has been challenging, yet so rewarding working with macros and learning from Tara just how “flexible dieting” works. Since the start of tracking my macros, I have lost over 20 lbs and I feel better than ever with her plan! Thank you Tara for everything – your guidance & coaching is one of a kind and I highly recommend your services for a life-changing experience. Thanks again Tara!” Jocelyn Barney

“About 3 years ago I weighed 330 lbs. I needed to have knee surgery and the doctors told me I needed to lose weight. I tried to lose weight on my own but was making no progress. I didn’t know what to do so I contacted Tara Ebejer who immediately told me I was taking in too many calories. I didn’t know you could eat too much of even the healthy foods. She put me on a diet & exercise program. I was surprised how much food I could still eat and in the 1st month I lost 5 lbs. Soon I was down 100 lbs. I feel like a new person and no longer need medication for diabetes or high blood pressure. I am able to walk, ride my bike and workout at the gym; things I could NOT do before. Thanks Tara for your support.   I couldn’t have done this without you, you’re a real lifesaver. “Brian Smyth (dad)

“I began my nutritional education with Tara in March 2010. Tara has taught me about healthy eating and exercise. She has encouraged me to plan ahead…what I am going to eat and to eat within the macro guidelines she has calculated for me. Planning ahead is what keeps me on track. Eating healthy food and working the numbers to achieve my goals. “Stick to it and be true to yourself” said Tara. These words resonate in me. She sets the bar high for herself and her clients. She has given me the strength to persevere and challenge myself not only in my eating, and my exercise, but my life as well.  I am 51 years old and the lifestyle changes she has taught me have made me feel better than I have ever dreamed!” WITH SO MUCH APPRECIATION Nancy Tsongalis

“Tara has been a long-time friend and over a year ago I contacted her regarding some concerns with my weight and family health issues. She said I will help you if you are serious about doing this and I said absolutely! I was scared to death of what I just committed to, but over the year she has proven to be an AMAZING mentor and has helped me so much! She taught me about nutrition and how this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change! Before I worked with Tara I had no idea what a MACRO even was! Now, it’s so easy to make my numbers fit into my everyday life!  I went on vacation and came back having lost weight and body fat because of sticking to flexible eating and exercise plan that Tara and I discussed before I left!  She also taught me that staying consistent is key!  I have lost a lot of weight and body fat in the last year and I credit my success to her, I have never met someone with so much self-discipline, determination, and compassion for what they do!! Thank you Tara, You are truly AMAZING!!” Renee Potwin



Initial Session $75.00

Nutrition consults are a 1 hour meeting with me. I will send paperwork ahead of time that you will need to complete and bring to our scheduled session. On top of completing the forms I ask that you please make a list of any and all questions you may have. During the meeting we will review your completed forms, answer questions and discuss the best plan of action and set immediate goals.

I do not have a SET nutrition plan to give you as each plan is created to what will work for you and your lifestyle. This process takes time; it is a work in progress and a journey (not a sprint). I tell my clients to give themselves TIME to learn and adjust and that a good time-line to fully understand and see the results is 3 months.

I like my clients to really work on the first set of goals for 3-4 weeks. During this time I will offer as much support as you need. We will stay in contact via email, phone or text. This initial period gives you time to learn, adjust, make mistakes and learn from them, etc. After the first 3-4 weeks we can then schedule the 2nd session. From there we make any further adjustments as needed.


Initial Session                                                    $75

2nd Session                                                          $75

All follow up Sessions (3rd and up)           $50

Grocery Store Tour                                        $50

Your nutrition plan MAY consists of using a food journal to track macronutrients or it may be following visual plans and more lifestyle changes. We will come up with the best plan of action.

Macronutrients (macros) are nutrients that provide calories or energy. There are three macros that provide different functions (purpose) for the body:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat


  • One gram = 4 calories
  • Primarily builds and repairs body tissues/muscle
  • Can be used for energy when diet is lacking calories or carbohydrates
  • 15 – 30% of total caloric intake
  • 1 – 2.0 g/kg depending on goal, activity level and total caloric intake
  • Can be found in meats, fish, eggs & dairy, legumes, etc


  • One gram = 4 calories
  • Body’s main source of fuel and preferred form of energy
  • Spares PROTEIN for building muscle
  • Needed for central nervous system to function properly (kidneys, brain, heart)
  • 50 – 75% of total caloric intake
  • 25g should include fiber
  • Provides bulk to diet aiding in fullness by keeping glycogen stores full
  • Maintaining proper blood sugar levels
  • Can be found in fruits, whole grains, starchy foods like sweet potatoes or rice, and vegetables


  • One gram = 9 calories
  • Important for normal growth and developments and provides cushion for organs
  • Fat is the most concentrated form of energy
  • Provides TASTE
  • Act as carriers for vitamins ADEK
  • 10 – 30% of total caloric intake
  • Can be found in nuts, nut butters, oils, avocado, etc


  • Should drink 96 oz per day
  • Fat loss programs – should drink an extra 8 oz for every 25lbs you carry above ideal weight
  • Helps decrease appetite
  • Consume 16 oz 2 hours prior to exercise
  • Drink extra 8 – 16 oz if warm weather
  • Drink 20 – 40 oz for every hour of exercise

Nutrition: Fact or Fiction Quiz – take a moment to text your knowlege

Answer each question as FACT or FICTION & note any with

comments, questions or concerns

  1. Lifting heavy weights may increase my weight and could make me look bulky.

  1. Over 55% of the American public is currently overweight or obese?


  1. On average, individuals experience a 2-4% decline in their resting metabolic rate with each passing decade after age of 25. In addition they lose an average of 5LB of lean mass with each decade.


  1. One pound equals 3,500 calories.


  1. High fructose corn syrup does not cause the pancreas to produce insulin.  It goes straight to the liver where it is then treated like a chemical and turned to fat.


6. Eating at night causes weight gain.


  1. You cannot make-up weekend splurges.


8. You can spot-reduce fat.


  1. A gram of protein is the same calorie as a gram of carbs.


  1. The best way to tone your abdominal muscles is by doing daily ab exercises.


  1. People often say that body composition results are 80% diet and 20% exercise.


Limiting Factor:

To achieve results you must find your limiting factor. What is your weakness, what is holding you back, what is slowing down your success? Is it lack of exercise, health, mindset, nutrition, etc?

Please list what you think your limiting factor (s) may be.



Fitness Tips for the General Enthusiasts

As a personal trainer, the majority of clients that I work with share common goals. The first being to lose body fat, second to gain muscle (whether they use the words tone, firm up or tighten up it all means more muscle) and third to improve overall health.

I get so frustrated when I read articles or ads that claim to have the one easy step, cleanses, take a pill, drink a tea, etc. to fix the overweight problem plaguing Americans. Unfortunately I have bad news for YOU – there is NO quick overnight FIX – the pills, cleanses and teas do NOT WORK. BUT with some work in the gym (which can be fun when done correctly), educating yourself on nutrition and taking responsibility for your health you can achieve YOUR fitness and health goals.

Starting from scratch – 6 Tips

Give yourself time – things don’t happen overnight. – allow yourself time to learn and adapt to a new way of eating and exercising – I usually tell my clients that within 3 months they will have a better understanding of their nutrition, body, and will start to really see the results they want.

Be consistent – you will not see results without consistency. You have to stick to the program; exercising and eating right. You cannot follow the program for 3 days – be off for a day or two and then resume – repeating this pattern over and over will NOT make any changes to your body and or health – YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT!!

Mindset – this has to be a lifestyle NOT a 3 month diet or exercise program! If you cannot wrap your brain around that then you will NOT achieve the results you want.

Track your macros – Look under FITNESS TALK on my website to learn about macronutrients. Tracking and logging your food can be time consuming at first but like anything else its gets easier the more you do it. This is the best way to educate yourself about what you are putting into your body and to learn how your body responds. My rule for me is to plan a day ahead – I know today what I am eating tomorrow so my macros are 100% accurate. I use

Find balance – You have to follow the program and be consistent but you also have to learn how to find the proper balance of it all so that you can live it. Example, I’ve been working with a client since March and she has lost 40 pounds and is transforming her body. She came to terms herself that this is her new lifestyle. She was worried about a weeks vacation in NYC but I talked her through it. We decided what ‘treats’ she would allow herself in the city through the week and that she could stick to her usual nutrition program the rest of the time. She brought her workouts with her and had a plan. She allowed herself the treats and came back a pound DOWN. I also taught her that what is important is being with her family in the moment, not eating a 2,000 calorie dessert – it’s just FOOD. During my off-season my rule is that I am spot on for 6 days a week and then have a ‘treat’ day. Find your happy balance and methods that YOU can live with.

Lift weights – Many times with dieting and cardio alone a person can lose weight but they will often lose as much muscle as fat weight which doesn’t alter their overall body composition(percentage of fat to muscle) which doesn’t give them that leaner look they are striving for. Strength training helps you add and preserve lean muscle mass which keeps you metabolism high. Muscle takes 35-50 calories per day to maintain whereas fat Only takes 2 to 3 calories per day. Also strength training is what reshapes and re-contours your body not cardio. I always use the example of someone who starts out as a pear shape and does a lot of cardio and loses weight which basically turns them into a smaller pear shape. Below are benefits of LIFTING WEIGHTS:

*  Increased bone density

* Decreased body fat

*  Increased metabolism

*  Increased strength

*  Improved mental state

*  Decreased stress

*  Increased energy & stamina

*  Look and feel better

*  It is FUN

10 Tips to Help Fight Cravings and Binges

We all have those moments when we CRAVE something. The urge is so strong that we lose all sense and blow whatever gains you’ve made. I am so strong when in show prep mode that I would never think to give into those cravings. But I will be honest, I do give in during the off-season. My goal during my next off-season is to be better and follow my own tips……..

Ensure You Are Eating Enough of the Proper Calories

Make sure you take in enough for breakfast and lunch so you do not approach the afternoon on empty.  This will create killer cravings and binges – make time to eat the proper meals and snacks.  KNOW when you weak times are and plan a snack. Example, I like to snack in late evening so I always plan out enough macros to allow for a good bedtime snack.

Wait 15 Minutes When a craving hits, it takes over your world but it doesn’t last long. Distract yourself for 10-15 min. by cleaning the house, filing those papers, playing with your kids, walking your pet, or running errands. You´ll feel productive or have some much needed fun and forget all about it.

Stay Hydrated Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant by keeping your stomach full and fending off dehydration, which can lead to false cravings and hunger. As an added, bonus water helps your body metabolize stored fat by helping the kidney´s flush out waste and it prevents bloating which makes you look thinner. Water is one of the best craving busters and weightloss strategies around.

Balance Your Meals You’ve probably already heard this but eating high carb meals usually trigger cravings for more carbs and sugar. Balancing your meals with protein and a little healthy fat will satisfy you more and reduce cravings big time. Eat protein and carbs together!

Get Your ZZZ’s Sleep deprivation and fatigue often lead to carb cravings because carbs are your body’s number one source of energy. Getting enough sleep or making up for lost sleep with a good nap can prevent serious dips in your energy levels that often lead to cravings.

Exercise It Away Life can get pretty hectic and stressful and a little treat sounds like a good pick me up but just think of the calories and the guilt. If you want to make yourself feel better, go for a brisk walk, climb two flights of stairs, do 100 crunches, do jumping jacks, or drop and do some squat thrusts:).  You’ll produce some feel good endorphins and forget all about that treat.

Brush It Away A thorough brushing and flossing distracts you and leaves you with a minty taste in your mouth, one that you won’t want to ruin with the taste of food. Plus think about how impressed your dentist will be next time you go in for a check-up. Another good option is chewing gum.

Write It Off Keep a journal and you’ll be amazed how often you turn to food in times of stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue or just boredom. A food/mood journal can be extremely helpful in figuring out patterns and devising coping strategies for those stressful times when you would otherwise turn to food. A journal also keeps you honest and it makes you accountable to yourself. Nobody wants to write down that they ate half a pan of brownies.

Quick Tips   Chew gum, step on the scale, look at pictures of yourself

Treat Day Plan on ONE day of the week that you can have a treat meal, snack, whatever. In my world these are called high-carb or refeed days. I plan these days out and look forward to them. It helps to know that treats are ahead. Lately my treat of choice is peanut butter pop-tarts? Other times it has been burger and lots of fries, ice-cream, smores, etc. I can make it work into my diet and knowing that it is planned and controlled.

Hope this helps….










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