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Cauliflower Pizza Crust

image image image

Calories               407

Protein                   36

Carbs                      41

Fat                           11

Step One

Finely chop up cauliflower until you have 2.5 cups – I use my Cuisinart Smart Stick – LOVE IT!

Step Two

Put chopped cauliflower in bowl and mix in 3 TBSP Coconut Flour, 4 egg whites and any spices you like – I use garlic, onion powder and oregano

Mix well with hands – almost feels doughy

Step Three

Lay parchment paper on stone or baking pan – spread cauliflower mixture into pizza shape on parchment paper and then cover it with another piece of parchment paper (like photo above).  Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes  or until bottom is lightly browned.

NEXT – cut the top piece of parchment paper off and BROIL for several minutes until browned.  Makes for a firmer crust!!

While crust is browning I sauté 1 cup of mushrooms and 1 large green bell pepper – then put aside.

Step Four

Remove from oven – top with ¼ cup spaghetti sauce, sautéed veggies, banana peppers and ¼ cup of shredded sharp cheese

Step Five

Put back in oven until cheese melts – then remove from oven and ENJOY!

I eat the entire thing myself – I do NOT share!!


Tips for Fighting the Winter Blues

Stay consistent with DAILY NUTRITION.  Making healthy food choices will boost your energy, confidence & mood.

Schedule workouts with friends or family to stay committed.  Sometimes it is hard to get out of that warm bed or step away from the roaring fire but if you know someone is waiting for you then you have to do it.  You will be thankful afterwards!

Find a NEW OUTDOOR hobby.  Learn a new outdoor activity like skiing, snow shoeing, group hikes, etc.  Suggestion: purchase the proper clothing and dress in layers!

Get your supply of VITAMIN D – the link below by Mike Molloy, PhD says it all – please check it out!

If you are stuck inside because of frigid temperatures then:

*Take advantage of being inside by trying a NEW class like CrossFit, Yoga, TRX, Spinning, etc. You won’t know if you like it until you try it! Many gyms or clubs offer free one-time passes – never hurts to ask if it means you can try something new.

*Train for a spring event, like a ½ marathon.  Find an event, book it so you are committed, create a training program and stick to it!

*Work on your strength – hit the iron heavy and hard and get STRONG.  Hire a strength coach or personal trainer – set some goals and get it done! Buddy training is always fun and a good way to share the costs of a trainer.

*Get a massage!  Massage has been used as a healing tool for thousands of years in many cultures.   Massage has been proven to increase circulation, relax and soften injured and overused muscles, increase joint flexibility, reduce recovery time and it feels good.

*Plan game nights with family and friends.  Take turns once a week to host a game night.

*Take the time to learn how to use a food journal.  So many times I hear the excuse that I just don’t have time to use a food journal.  While sitting by the fire, crack open your laptop and start using   Most of the work is the first few times you’ve used it.  I believe in the value of using a food journal but that will be a later post!

*Take the time to try new recipes.  I know for me that it takes me longer the first few times I’ve cooked something new.  Experiment, be creative and enjoy!  To stick to a healthy diet you must enjoy what you eat.