The Beginning

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” – Thomas Szasz

I relate to this quote because I believe that everything I’ve done in my past has led me to becoming a Professional Natural Bodybuilder.  It is so exciting to feel that my prior accomplishments have sent me on a journey that feels right! My years of studying dance helped with my posing and stage presentation, working in the fitness industry created a level of fitness and conditioning to get me started, and my employment at the River Valley Club (RVC) allowed me to meet the people who introduced me to the sport and provides a great facility in which to get the training done.

My journey began November 2011 when Laleh Talebian, PhD encouraged me to try a bodybuilding competition.  I’ve always been fit and active but my fitness was always geared towards core, cardio and overall conditioning.  I never trained to gain muscle mass.  I used to run marathons but several years ago I broke my ankle and the joint could no longer handle the stress of the training. I thought this competition would give me something new to try. I thought I would do one show and be done. I entered in blindly having no idea what to expect.

 I soon learned that bodybuilding involves 100% dedication to training, nutrition and mental preparation.

 My first show was set for March 2012 leaving me only 4 months to prepare.  With assistance from RVC trainer, Ryan Jennings, my workouts were geared towards gaining muscle mass. My nutrition was led by Laleh to get me shredded by lowering my body fat to increase my muscle definition.  I adjusted quickly to this new routine and fell in love with the style of training. Beyond learning a new style of training and adjusting to a rigorous nutrition plan, I quickly learned that there was a lot more to bodybuilding than I previously thought – learning what type of supplements to take and when, overcoming my fear of wearing a skimpy posing suit on stage, learning how to pose, learning what peak week means and consists of, show preparation like spray tanning, stage make-up & hair, and learning to perform a posing routine.   After 4 months of training, my first show was successful.  I placed 1st in the Debut Division, 2nd in the Masters Division, and 2nd Overall.

I was hooked and wanted to get bigger, better and was planning to compete again. Unfortunately for me, Ryan moved and left RVC in June 2012.  I was eager to learn more about show preparation, post-competition training and nutrition and most importantly that crucial peak performance for the best showing possible.  I am still learning about spilling over, water & carb in-take, and how scientific the entire process is for show preparation. Ryan encouraged me to find other support systems so I took a friends advice and contacted Eric Helms with in July 2012.  Eric has provided education to me on all aspects of the sport, improved my mind-set, and provided me the encouragement that I needed. Under Eric’s guidance with macro-nutrients (carbs, protein & fat quantities), revamping my workouts, weekly posing and offering the best mental support, I was feeling ready for my next competition.

My 2nd show on October 27, 2012 was just as successful as my first. I placed 1st in the Heavyweight Division, 2nd in the Open Division and 2nd Overall. But my 3rd show on November 3, 2012 was where the magic happened and was one of the most memorable days in my life.  I competed in the DFAC World Finals show in Miami. This was an invitation only show; I was invited based on my performance from my 1st show.  I had no expectations and felt honored just to be invited.  I thought I would be sitting in the audience watching the professionals compete.  When I arrived, the promoter of the show, Vicky McCann, said I would have the opportunity to earn a pro card and if I did I would be able to compete with the pro’s later that day.  I was first up in the show and ended up earning my pro-card; making that my first memorable moment. The next moment was when I got to pose among the other female professional bodybuilders.  I was very excited just to be on the same stage as them; still having no expectations.  The exciting moments just kept on coming. The next happened at the beginning of the award ceremony.  Each professional bodybuilder was announced and called onto the dark stage and had to stand in the spot light to pose; it was so much fun.  Then the unexpected really happened; I thought my name would be called first for last place.  But I placed 3rd and won my first cash prize as a professional bodybuilder!

I am very excited to see where and how far this new journey can take me.  I will continue to work and learn from Eric and have been training with RVC trainer Anthony Vorachak.  My new knowledge and experience will benefit my own clients and I hope that I am a good role model for them in helping them reach their own fitness goals.


Bodybuilding Competition Portfolio

March 11, 2012

OCB Green Mountain Thaw, Brattleboro, VT

1st Debut Division, 2nd Masters, 2nd Overall


October 27, 2012

NGA Granite State Open, Portsmouth, NH

1st Heavy Weight, 2nd Open, 2nd Overall


November 3, 2012

DFAC World Finals, Miami, FL

1st Amateur Division Winning ProCard

3rd Overall in DFAC Pro Debut


February 2013

Featured in an article in the Natural Physique Magazine


August 24, 2013

OCB Mid Atlantic Battle for the Belt, Burlington, NJ

2nd Open Division


September 14, 2013

OCB Battle for Tidewater, Virginia Beach, VA

1st Masters and Open Winning IFPA ProCard


October 12, 2013

Gaspari Nutrition Pro Classic, W. Barnstable, MA

IFPA Pro Debut

Placed 1st Lightweight and 2nd Overall

October 26, 2013

IFPA Yorton Cup, Amhert, MA

Did not place

November 2, 2013

DFAC PRO World Finals, Miami, FL

Did not place

December 2013

Featured in an article in Natural Magazine International

January 2014

Featured on cover of Natural Physique Magazine

November 1,  2014

DFAC PRO World Finals, Miami, FL

Placed 2nd Overall

November 8,  2014

WNBF Monster Mash Pro Natural Masters, Worcester, MA

Placed 3rd in PRO Heavyweight Division

November 15, 2014

WNBF Pro World Championships, Boston, MA

Placed 2nd in PRO Middleweight Division

November 21, 2014

Musclemania World & Fitness America Championship, Las Vegas, NV

Placed 1st Overall


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