Do You Know These Synonyms for Sugar??


Check your food labels for these words. They are all a form of sugar and are carbohydrates.

Sucrose                               Hydrolyzed Starch           Sugar Beets

Fructose                              Invert Sugar                       High-Fructose Corn Sweetener

Glucose                               Corn Syrup                          Maple Sugar

Maltose                               Honey                                   Molasses

Dextrose                             Cane Sugar

Maltodextrin                     Agave Nectar

Do you know the dangers of chronic high-sugar diets?

We should all avoid adding sugar during food preparation. Reviewing the last 5 days of my own food journal I see that my total sugar intake ranges between 45-65 grams. I did not add any sugar – this is mostly from vegetables and fruit and natural sugars in whole foods. The typical American consumes 34 teaspoons of sugar or 136g per day. I don’t actually mean eating teaspoons of sugar but sugars in bread, bagels, cereal, dried fruit, juices, etc.

Chronic high sugar intake can reduce the body’s ability to handle carbohydrates which reduces insulin sensitivity. This leads to excess fat gain and an eventual consequence of poor carbohydrate tolerance is borderline or full-blown diabetes.

High amounts of sugar in the blood, caused by chronic high-sugar intake can cause binding of sugar molecules to blood proteins. This is called GLYCATION. Glycation has been linked to the following:

Premature aging


Altered Vision, cataracts, retinopathy


Vascular disease

Erectile dysfunction

Kidney disease

Joint pain and arthritis

So WHAT should we do?  Get your 8 – 12 servings of vegetables and fruit daily, do not eat processed food instead fresh whole foods, check labels and enjoy treats in moderation. We can all enjoy an ice-cream in the summer – it is all about moderation and finding that happy & healthy balance.

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