1st 2014 Competition Completed

dfac 2014

I am in the midst of my competition season and thought I would give a quick update on the completion of my 1st show.

I competed in Miami, FL at the DFAC World Finals on November 1st. There were 11 female pro bodybuilders in the line-up and it was an honor to be on stage with such a competitive group of athletes. It was a long and tough pre-judging but I loved it!  I believe we were on stage for over 20 minutes. I really like how DFAC conducts their pre-judging! They first judge on symmetry (relaxed poses front, side and rear) and then do another round for muscularity (front & rear bicep & lat spread, side chest & tricep, most muscular and thigh and ab). The head judge explains what is happening, calls the poses very clearly and makes it easy and non-stressful. The finals are always so much fun in the DFAC organization. They do the show up right with lights, music and fog. Finals consist of another round of posing, our 1 minute posing routines which counts for 1/3 of our score and a pose down. The pose down is fun and gives the judges time to tally the scores.

I ended up placing 2nd overall which was a huge honor and accomplishment. Of course I am very pleased with my results but more importantly I am pleased with the improvements that I made on my physique and know that I brought a better version of me to stage. As Eric has taught me it is not about placing or winning but really about learning and improving.  I am also happy that I met some amazing fellow athletes that I respect and admire. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!

Now onto the next competition on 11/8/2014……

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