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When I was running marathons, I learned the importance of having a post-marathon action plan in place. Anyone could feel a bit lost after following a training program for 6 months, completing the race and then having NO plan to follow. The SAME applies to bodybuilding, fitness or figure competitions. We need to have a post-season action plan in place. My competitions are quickly approaching so I want to put my post-season action plan in writing. I hope my plan offers some help or ideas to fellow athletes.

Tara’s December 2014 – December 2015 Post-Season Action Plan

1st congratulate myself on completing another competition season (my 3rd). NO matter what the results will be I am proud of my accomplishments. I think I handled the prep much better both mentally and physically. You have to enjoy the journey and learn from it – not hate it, be miserable and make others uncomfortable or pay for the price for what we have chosen.   I know that I am bringing a better version of me to the stage this season. I’ve worked hard on my legs and can see the improvements. You should NOT be competing to win against fellow competitors; you should be competing against yourself to see the improvements in YOU. This is a hard lesson to learn.

2nd start my REVERSE DIET – of course this will really start a day or two after my last show. A girl needs a few cheat meals. I do not want to be an unstoppable eating machine but want to do a proper reverse diet so that I can heal my metabolism and not put on too much fat too quickly. This goal is going to be the hardest for me but I can do it. My goal weight is 130-135 for the off-season. During this prep season I liked how my body looked and felt at this weight. Funny thing…..back when I ran marathons if I weighed 130-135, it would have looked like fat on me. I weighed around 122 during my marathon days. Now at 135 I look lean (still 6-pack abs). So LADIES –what does this tell us? The numbers on the scale really don’t mean a lot and that to really transform your body you need to lift heavy weights! Below is an article from my coach, Eric Helms, on the topic of the dreaded REVERSE DIET. THANKS ERIC!!

3rd no competing for 2015 – I need to take the entire year off to make the changes I want in my body and I need a mental break from the prep diet. I am planning on competing fall 2016. However, this doesn’t mean a break from training; I can train even harder because I can fuel my body. I’ve been competing for the last 3 years and wasn’t ready for an extended break. Eric kept trying to talk me into it – I am now ready! I believe this is another hard action plan for many competitors. They do not take the time off to make the gains; they just keep competing year after year with the same package.

4th strength goals:

Deadlift                 345#

Back squat          285# (Anthony thinks 300 – we will see)

Front squat         230#

Bench press       175#

Overhead press  100#

Learn muscle-ups

Work on my form for cleans, snatches and overhead squats

CrossFit competition

Thinking of a power lifting competition

The off-season is a time to make improvements to your physique. Use this time as productively as you can!

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