Training Update 9/13/2014

sept 14 front bicep

As of today, 9/13/14, I am 7 weeks out from my first show (DFAC World Finals in Miami) and I must say this past week has been the toughest week for me. I knew it was coming; I was feeling so great for so long and now the prep feels real. You all know what I am talking about; lack of energy, workouts feel heavier, can’t sleep, want to cry for no reason and increased hunger.   On the flip side some positive points are that I am looking leaner, I am not losing too much strength and it’s only 7 MORE WEEKS till I get to be on stage. Getting to meet and spend time with fellow competitors, be on stage and see the progress you’ve made is what makes it all worthwhile.  I am excited about the progress I’ve made on my legs. As a former marathon runner my legs were the smallest part of me. I’ve spent a lot of time under a barbell this year doing lots and lots of squats! I think today’s picture shows progress in my quads.

Sometimes the weight scale does not give an accurate account of what is happening during prep so I send Eric weekly progress pictures. Listed below are other indicators that tell me I am getting close to show time…….

Armpits – they are so concaved that they are impossible to shave so it is time to let them grow a bit to get waxed – ouch! Do MALE competitors experience the same armpit situation?

Buttocks – it hurts to sit on wooden chairs or the floor – no more cushioning left on the cheeks.

Sleep – it is hard to sleep through the night due to hunger. I go to bed early in hopes of sleeping right through the night and have a day of food ahead of me. However, I open my eyes within an hour or two with much disappointment.

Compliments – are increasing from family, friends, clients and fellow RVC members. The positive words help at this point as I need all the reinforcement I can get so thank you.

CardioUGH is all I have to say – I vow to not do any cardio machines during 2015!!!

Food Porn – is increasing and my meal is already picked out for after my show on November 1st – yes sad as that sounds I’ve already researched the restaurant in Miami and know what I am having – Joe’s Crab Stone watch out.

I know that the next 7 weeks will be the toughest but I am looking forward to the challenge! Some moments will feel great and other moments will be tough and I will question “WHY”. I have to remind myself during those weak moments that I really do love the training, love the dedication it takes to both nutrition and training and the results are satisfying. I can already see that I am bringing a better version of Tara to the stage in 2014!!

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