Workout for the General Fitness Enthusiasts


Hello All! I’ve been slacking and not posting as much lately because I’ve been busy enjoying this summer weather (many trips to the ocean). I cannot believe school starts next Monday (8/25/14) for my daughter. My gym seemed very quiet this morning which makes me think a lot of people are away on vacation. So I am going to share a workout geared towards the GENERAL FITNESS ENTHUSIASTS. If you are on vacation there is NO excuse NOW as this workout can be done anywhere. My daughter and her friends agreed to demonstrate the circuits – there was some resistance from them as they are doing two workouts a day for soccer but they eventually agreed to it.

Warm Up – repeat 2 times through:

*spidermans (6 each right and left)

*30-60 second plank

*15 bridges (toes up, dig those heels into the ground)

*50 jump jacks

Circuit One – repeat 3 times through:

*10 pushups

*20 walking lunges

*30 sit-ups

*40 air squats

Circuit Two – repeat 3 times through:

*20 burpees

*20 reverse fly (if you don’t have dumbbells use cans or water bottles)

*20 side hip bends/drop from side plank position

*20 single leg deadlifts (10 right and 10 left)

Thanks Kennede, Heather, Jonica & Karla!!

Work at your own pace – ENJOY!!

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