Fitness Tips for the General Enthusiasts


Looking over my website, I realized that my posts have only been geared towards bodybuilding and competitions. So it’s time to post something geared towards the general fitness enthusiasts.

As a personal trainer, the majority of clients that I work with share common goals. The first being to lose body fat, second to gain muscle (whether they use the words tone, firm up or tighten up it all means more muscle) and third to improve overall health.

Society seems to place emphasis on physical appearance more than ever and yet a recent statistics published by the World Health Organization states that globally, there are more than 1 billion overweight adults, at least 300 million of them clinically obese. WHY is this happening? I say it is due to processed food that is fast and too easy to eat, eating way too much of the wrong things, too large of portions and lack of movement.

I get so frustrated when I read articles or ads that claim to have that one easy step or exercise like crunches, cleanses, take a pill, drink a tea, etc. to fix the overweight problem plaguing Americans. Unfortunately I have bad news for YOU – there is NO quick overnight FIX – the pills, cleanses and teas do NOT WORK. BUT with some work in the gym (which can be fun when done correctly), educating yourself on nutrition and taking responsibility for your health you can achieve YOUR fitness and health goals.

Starting from scratch – 6 Tips

Give yourself time – things don’t happen overnight. – allow yourself time to learn and adapt to a new way of eating and exercising – I usually tell my clients that within 3 months they will have a better understanding of their nutrition, body, and will start to really see the results they want.

Be consistent – you will not see results without consistency. You have to stick to the program; exercising and eating right. You cannot follow the program for 3 days – be off for a day or two and then resume – repeating this pattern over and over will NOT make any changes to your body and or health – YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT!!

Mindset – this has to be a lifestyle NOT a 3 month diet or exercise program! If you cannot wrap your brain around that then you will NOT achieve the results you want.

Track your macros – Look under FITNESS TALK on my website to learn about macronutrients. This is A MUST DO!! Tracking and logging your food can be time consuming at first but like anything else its gets easier the more you do it. This is the best way to educate yourself about what you are putting into your body and to learn how your body responds. My rule for me is to plan a day ahead – I know today what I am eating tomorrow so my macros are 100% accurate. I use

Find balance – You have to follow the program and be consistent but you also have to learn how to find the proper balance of it all so that you can live it. Example, I’ve been working with a client since March and she has lost 40 pounds and is transforming her body. She came to terms herself that this is her new lifestyle. She was worried about a weeks vacation in NYC but I talked her through it. We decided what ‘treats’ she would allow herself in the city through the week and that she could stick to her usual nutrition program the rest of the time. She brought her workouts with her and had a plan. She allowed herself the treats and came back a pound DOWN. I also taught her that what is important is being with her family in the moment, not eating a 2,000 calorie dessert – it’s just FOOD. During my off-season my rule is that I am spot on for 6 days a week and then have a ‘treat’ day. Find your happy balance and methods that YOU can live with.

Lift weights – Many times with dieting and cardio alone a person can lose weight but they will often lose as much muscle as fat weight which doesn’t alter their overall body composition(percentage of fat to muscle) which doesn’t give them that leaner look they are striving for. Strength training helps you add and preserve lean muscle mass which keeps your metabolism high. Muscle takes 35-50 calories per day to maintain whereas fat only takes 2 to 3 calories per day. Also strength training is what reshapes and re-contours your body not cardio. I always use the example of someone who starts out as a pear shape and does a lot of cardio and loses weight which basically turns them into a smaller pear shape. Below are benefits of LIFTING WEIGHTS:

*Increased bone density

*Decreased body fat

*Increased metabolism

*Increased strength

*Improved mental state

*Decreased stress

*Increased energy & stamina

*Look and feel better

*It is FUN

I am proud of all my clients – they are not afraid to train hard – thanks for trusting me!


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