Taco Casserole

taco1  taco2

Calories 564
Protein    69
Carbs       36
Fat            16

Ingredients & Directions:
*dice up ½ cup zucchini & ½ cup red peppers and sauté with garlic
*add 8 oz. of ground buffalo
*when buffalo is cooked add 2 tsp of low sodium taco seasoning (I use Old El Paso). Add water to the mixture – enough to the texture you like and mix well.
*after seasoning is mixed well with buffalo and veggies place into dish
*add ¼ cup 50% reduced fat Cabot shredded cheese
*in microwave heat up 3 Old El Paso white corn crunchy taco shells then smash/break them up and add into meat mixture
*top with 1 cup of shredded lettuce and ½ cup of salsa


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