I am 16 weeks out from my first competition and things are starting to get FUN.

SHOWS: My competition schedule has changed and I am very excited with what Eric and I have planned. I am doing 4 shows in a row – should be interesting with food prep, travel, peak week, etc. but I like the plan. Last year I competed from August through November and it was way too long and I lost a lot of muscle. This year I will bang them out four in a row:

11/1 DFAC World Finals in Miami

11/8 WNBF Pro Natural Masters in Marlborough, MA

11/15 WNBF Pro World Championship in Boston, MA

11/21 Musclemania World & Fitness America Las Vegas, NV

SUIT: I had a meeting with Maggie Keaveny, IFBB Pro (Maggie Suits) on July 10th and we came up with a crazy new suit. She was very professional, knowledgeable and creative. I cannot wait to see how this new suit looks under the lights and should be perfect for the big World stages this year.

SONG: I always take time to find a song that relates (lyrics) to what we are doing up on stage and one that can hopefully be enjoyed by all audience members. Last year I used ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor. You will have to wait to see what I selected this year.

SHREDDED: This is when all of my hard work pays off. I am slowly shredding the fat away and seeing the new muscle mass that has been added to my body. Eric cut my carbs again to make sure I reach my goal and most importantly get those shredded glutes. My current macros are as follows:

As of March 30th:

6 days of:      150g protein, 150g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:   150g protein, 250g carbs & 30g fat

As of April 25th:

6 days of:       150g protein, 135g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:   150g protein, 250g carbs & 30g fat

As of July 8th:

5 days of:        150g protein, 115g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:   150g protein, 250g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:  150g protein, 150g carbs & 30g fat

The attached videos are from today (7/11/14).  I am still maintaining and hitting new PR’s with my strength work and my conditioning is improving.  Even with the cut in carbs I am making gains!! Thanks for pushing me Anthony!!!



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