Grocery List of Protein Sources


Proteins play a key role in our bodies and it is important to make sure you are getting enough!  You probably know proteins as the major component of muscle; it is used primarily to build and repair body tissues/muscle and can be used for energy when diet is lacking calories or carbohydrates.  Muscles flex arms and legs, contract our hearts and create waves in the walls of our intestines to move food along.  All this muscle activity accounts for most of the energy our body’s burn.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the more food you need to maintain your weight.

My clients always struggle with getting enough protein and eating a variety of it. I eat 150g or protein daily and could easily eat more!! My clients often complain “I am so sick of eating chicken” – you can eat more than chicken!! I assume many people struggle with this too so I thought I would share a PROTEIN GROCERY LIST. Have fun shopping & tasting……

  • Eggs – scrambled, omelets, boiled, fried, etc
  • Egg Whites  – same as above – see my recipes for ideas
  • Chicken – breast, whole, ground, sausage
  • Turkey  – breast, whole, extra lean ground, sausage, bacon
  • Bison – ground, steak, sausage, bacon, hot dogs – MY FAVORITE MEAT SOURCE!!
  • Venison – I prefer ground for chili, burgers, tacos, etc
  • Elk – again I prefer ground
  • Lamb – higher in fat so be mindful when tracking fat macros for the day! I do love a good lamb burger once in awhile
  • Fish – all of it – tuna, mahi mahi, grouper, scallops, shrimp, lobster, haddock, salmon, fresh crab (not that imitation crap)!!
  • Tofu – firm chopped up and stir fry with veggies, I LOVE my tofu pups (hot dogs)
  • Lean beef – ground
  • Steaks – I usually select filet mignon & stay away from fattier cuts like ribeye
  • Cold cuts or lunch meats BUT don’t skimp on money on this one – purchase low sodium and good names like Boars Head, Dietz & Watson, etc. I really like Boars Head low sodium roast beef and the Dietz & Watson low sodium turkey breast
  • Pork – I do NOT eat pork – not that I don’t like it – I don’t prefer it – it is higher in fat so again just watch the fat macros
  • Veggie burgers made by Boca, Morningstar, Garden Burger, etc. Check labels and watch for sodium & carb amounts too (I don’t eat these but they are a good option for those who don’t like to eat too much meat, I prefer bison burgers!!!)
  • Jerky – watch for sodium – beef, turkey, tofu, venison, etc
  • Ostrim sticks
  • Protein Powders – to drink and bake with (see my recipes)
  • Peanut flour – great for baking – good amount of protein in it
  • Protein Pretzel Sticks made by Kay’s Naturals – great snack and good when traveling
  • Bars – I do NOT too many bars but have them for when I travel – my choice of bar is Dr. CarbRite Bars – toasted coconut is my favorite
  • Yogurt – suggest unsweetened and to check labels for sugar – greek unsweetened yogurt & add your own truvia
  • Cottage Cheese – love it mixed with fruit or use as dressing on salads
  • Ricotta Cheese – good with fruit, roll up in egg white pancakes, bake in casseroles with meat and veggies, etc. I use both regular and low fat depending on daily macro count
  • Cheese – I do both lower fat and real cheese depending on the menu for the day and macros. Remember cheese has a high fat content so don’t overdo it
  • P28 bread, flats, bagels and spreads – their flats are my favorite!
  • Nuts and nut butters – almonds, pecans, cashew, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia, hazelnuts, chestnuts BUT keep in mind nuts are high in fat (good fats) so be careful on quantities
  • Soy nuts, edamame
  • Soy crisps – crackers made from soy – very tasty!
  • Veggies – they offer trace/small amounts of protein but when counting your daily macros they do add up –
  • last but not least BEANS – I do not eat too many beans because they are also high in carbs but they offer many great health benefits.  Just check the labels and be aware of carbs AND protein per serving.


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