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Taco Casserole

taco1  taco2

Calories 564
Protein    69
Carbs       36
Fat            16

Ingredients & Directions:
*dice up ½ cup zucchini & ½ cup red peppers and sauté with garlic
*add 8 oz. of ground buffalo
*when buffalo is cooked add 2 tsp of low sodium taco seasoning (I use Old El Paso). Add water to the mixture – enough to the texture you like and mix well.
*after seasoning is mixed well with buffalo and veggies place into dish
*add ¼ cup 50% reduced fat Cabot shredded cheese
*in microwave heat up 3 Old El Paso white corn crunchy taco shells then smash/break them up and add into meat mixture
*top with 1 cup of shredded lettuce and ½ cup of salsa


Grocery List of Carbohydrate Sources


I recently posted a GROCERY LIST OF PROTEIN SOURCES and several people have asked for a carb list so here it is. Most people view carbs as “evil” foods and have a bad reputation for causing weight gain. In reality, carbs provide energy your body needs to help you function throughout the day and spares protein for muscle repair and growth. Think of carbs as fuel that keeps your body moving, like the way gas functions for a car. The only way carbs make you gain weight is when you eat too many and/or too many of the bad types; like sweets. Remember TOO MUCH OF EVEN HEALTHYFOODS CAN MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT!!! Carbs are organic compounds that contain sugars (either simple or complex). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention described carbs as foods that your body uses to make glucose. Specifically, amylase (an enzyme in your body) breaks down the carbs you eat to produce glucose, giving you energy. Glucose can be used right away or your body may store it for use later. I always make sure to have a good serving of carbs before I work out and then again a meal of carbs and protein after my workout.

Below is a list of the carbs that I usually eat – there are many more sources of carbs out there but this is MY LIST of what I EAT. As you see the list is long – I love my carbs and variety is important:

  • Japanese sweet potatoes (MY FAVORITE CARB – broiled, baked, or made into fries. I season them with either garlic, cinnamon, etc)
  • Oatmeal, usually Old Wessex 5 Grain or custom blends
  • Cream of rice cereal by Bob’s Red Mill
  • Coconut flour
  • Truvia (not calorie free as stated – they are a carb)
  • Pumpkin puree (usually for making pancakes or casseroles)
  • Kimchi (alone or use as a topping on salads, meat, etc)
  • Joseph’s brand pita, lavash flats and tortillas
  • P28 flats, bread and bagels
  • Alvarado Street Bakery flax seed bread
  • Ezekiel Sprouted English muffins
  • Alexia fat free French fries and hash browns
  • Dr. Praegers spinach pancakes (just found these – they taste like hash browns)
  • Spelt cakes (usually topped with walden farm caramel dip)
  • Rice cakes (apple cinnamon and caramel corn are my favs)
  • Kashi frozen waffles (usually blueberry)
  • Tinkyada Spiral Brown Rice Pasta
  • Shirataki spaghetti
  • Sesmark rice crackers
  • Popped wheat thin crackers (spicy cheddar is great)
  • Suzie’s multispeed flat bread crackers
  • Stand n’stuff whole grain corn taco shells (YUM)
  • Veggies – mostly asparagus, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes and broccoli.
  • Cauliflower – need to mention again because I eat it a lot – make mashed cauliflower, riced cauliflower, and pizza crust with it
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Bananas, rhubarb, apples, pineapple and berries (usually blueberries and strawberries)
  • Applesauce – unsweetened
  • Cranberries – make my homemade sauce to use as topping on salads, sandwiches
  • Rice Chex cereal – honey nut my fav
  • Raw Honey
  • Better Than Peanut Butter (I like the low sodium)
  • Salsa, Bangkok peanut sauce, Szechuan sauce, mango coconut pepper sauce, taco seasoning (low sodium), spaghetti sauce (usually walnut acres tomato basil no salt added)
  • Skinny cow bars and cones

carbs 2






I am 16 weeks out from my first competition and things are starting to get FUN.

SHOWS: My competition schedule has changed and I am very excited with what Eric and I have planned. I am doing 4 shows in a row – should be interesting with food prep, travel, peak week, etc. but I like the plan. Last year I competed from August through November and it was way too long and I lost a lot of muscle. This year I will bang them out four in a row:

11/1 DFAC World Finals in Miami

11/8 WNBF Pro Natural Masters in Marlborough, MA

11/15 WNBF Pro World Championship in Boston, MA

11/21 Musclemania World & Fitness America Las Vegas, NV

SUIT: I had a meeting with Maggie Keaveny, IFBB Pro (Maggie Suits) on July 10th and we came up with a crazy new suit. She was very professional, knowledgeable and creative. I cannot wait to see how this new suit looks under the lights and should be perfect for the big World stages this year.

SONG: I always take time to find a song that relates (lyrics) to what we are doing up on stage and one that can hopefully be enjoyed by all audience members. Last year I used ‘Remember the Name’ by Fort Minor. You will have to wait to see what I selected this year.

SHREDDED: This is when all of my hard work pays off. I am slowly shredding the fat away and seeing the new muscle mass that has been added to my body. Eric cut my carbs again to make sure I reach my goal and most importantly get those shredded glutes. My current macros are as follows:

As of March 30th:

6 days of:      150g protein, 150g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:   150g protein, 250g carbs & 30g fat

As of April 25th:

6 days of:       150g protein, 135g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:   150g protein, 250g carbs & 30g fat

As of July 8th:

5 days of:        150g protein, 115g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:   150g protein, 250g carbs & 30g fat

1 refeed day:  150g protein, 150g carbs & 30g fat

The attached videos are from today (7/11/14).  I am still maintaining and hitting new PR’s with my strength work and my conditioning is improving.  Even with the cut in carbs I am making gains!! Thanks for pushing me Anthony!!!



Thai Shrimp Salad


Calories             297

Protein                 37

Carbs                    26

Fat                          5

Ingredients & Directions:

*raw tailless shrimp – sauté in pan with lemon juice and spices of your choice – I use garlic and a coconut thai blend spice

While shrimp is cooking combine:

*160g of shredded cabbage

*2 cups of sliced up cucumber (I use my veggetti that makes cuts the veggies in pasta shape)


MIX well together. At first may not seem like a lot of sauce but it adds just the right amount of flavor!

*add in 8oz of cooked shrimp and ENJOY !

Grocery List of Protein Sources


Proteins play a key role in our bodies and it is important to make sure you are getting enough!  You probably know proteins as the major component of muscle; it is used primarily to build and repair body tissues/muscle and can be used for energy when diet is lacking calories or carbohydrates.  Muscles flex arms and legs, contract our hearts and create waves in the walls of our intestines to move food along.  All this muscle activity accounts for most of the energy our body’s burn.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the more food you need to maintain your weight.

My clients always struggle with getting enough protein and eating a variety of it. I eat 150g or protein daily and could easily eat more!! My clients often complain “I am so sick of eating chicken” – you can eat more than chicken!! I assume many people struggle with this too so I thought I would share a PROTEIN GROCERY LIST. Have fun shopping & tasting……

  • Eggs – scrambled, omelets, boiled, fried, etc
  • Egg Whites  – same as above – see my recipes for ideas
  • Chicken – breast, whole, ground, sausage
  • Turkey  – breast, whole, extra lean ground, sausage, bacon
  • Bison – ground, steak, sausage, bacon, hot dogs – MY FAVORITE MEAT SOURCE!!
  • Venison – I prefer ground for chili, burgers, tacos, etc
  • Elk – again I prefer ground
  • Lamb – higher in fat so be mindful when tracking fat macros for the day! I do love a good lamb burger once in awhile
  • Fish – all of it – tuna, mahi mahi, grouper, scallops, shrimp, lobster, haddock, salmon, fresh crab (not that imitation crap)!!
  • Tofu – firm chopped up and stir fry with veggies, I LOVE my tofu pups (hot dogs)
  • Lean beef – ground
  • Steaks – I usually select filet mignon & stay away from fattier cuts like ribeye
  • Cold cuts or lunch meats BUT don’t skimp on money on this one – purchase low sodium and good names like Boars Head, Dietz & Watson, etc. I really like Boars Head low sodium roast beef and the Dietz & Watson low sodium turkey breast
  • Pork – I do NOT eat pork – not that I don’t like it – I don’t prefer it – it is higher in fat so again just watch the fat macros
  • Veggie burgers made by Boca, Morningstar, Garden Burger, etc. Check labels and watch for sodium & carb amounts too (I don’t eat these but they are a good option for those who don’t like to eat too much meat, I prefer bison burgers!!!)
  • Jerky – watch for sodium – beef, turkey, tofu, venison, etc
  • Ostrim sticks
  • Protein Powders – to drink and bake with (see my recipes)
  • Peanut flour – great for baking – good amount of protein in it
  • Protein Pretzel Sticks made by Kay’s Naturals – great snack and good when traveling
  • Bars – I do NOT too many bars but have them for when I travel – my choice of bar is Dr. CarbRite Bars – toasted coconut is my favorite
  • Yogurt – suggest unsweetened and to check labels for sugar – greek unsweetened yogurt & add your own truvia
  • Cottage Cheese – love it mixed with fruit or use as dressing on salads
  • Ricotta Cheese – good with fruit, roll up in egg white pancakes, bake in casseroles with meat and veggies, etc. I use both regular and low fat depending on daily macro count
  • Cheese – I do both lower fat and real cheese depending on the menu for the day and macros. Remember cheese has a high fat content so don’t overdo it
  • P28 bread, flats, bagels and spreads – their flats are my favorite!
  • Nuts and nut butters – almonds, pecans, cashew, walnuts, pistachios, macadamia, hazelnuts, chestnuts BUT keep in mind nuts are high in fat (good fats) so be careful on quantities
  • Soy nuts, edamame
  • Soy crisps – crackers made from soy – very tasty!
  • Veggies – they offer trace/small amounts of protein but when counting your daily macros they do add up –
  • last but not least BEANS – I do not eat too many beans because they are also high in carbs but they offer many great health benefits.  Just check the labels and be aware of carbs AND protein per serving.


Have you been CUPPED?


I just completed a massage therapy session – I had my legs (adductors) CUPPED and I cannot put into words how AMAZING my legs feel right now. They feel drunk and like I have brand new legs. I’ve been training these legs hard and have been experiencing some on and off knee pain. It goes away when I am warmed up so I know it is fascia related and knee tracking issues. While the usual deep tissue massages are helpful, they feel great and can be very relaxing, I believe that cupping is the way to go to help with adhesions!!

I have a client (I won’t mention any names) who is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip & knee replacements.  He was experiencing some knee tracking issues due to tight IT Band.  I sent him for a  cupping massage and his words were “Ok I will go to entertain you” and was not believing anything that I told him.  After one session and doing some of his own research, he is now a firm believer and a regular client.

What is it?

Cupping is one of the best deep tissue therapies available. Massage cupping is a wonderful and therapeutic technique that increases fluid movement in the body and decrease adhesions. The entire body can be accessed through massage cupping from the bottom of the feet to the neck and everywhere in between. Cupping is the like the inverse of regular massage – rather than applying pressure to muscles, it uses gently pressure to pull them upward. So instead of rubbing into those tight muscles, the cups lift the tissue and gently glide the toxins out. Massage cupping is an adaption of ancient technique and traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy has been used by the Chinese medicine for several thousands of years. Glass or plastic cups along with vacuum pump create a negative pressure on the skin’s surface. Cups are then moved using various techniques while gently pulling up.

The cups can be parked or left over a certain area for a short duration of time to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release. Suction reaches deep into the soft tissue and attachments. Toxins, inflammation, blood and lymph are then pulled to the skins surface. Health and healing are promoted by loosening the soft and connective tissue and improvements are seen in scars and adhesions.

Benefits include:

Loosen adhesions

Release deep tissue issues

Move stagnation

Relieve inflammation

Stimulate blood flow

My sessions last for 30 minutes and I experience immediate relief. No marks are left on my skin –I have seen people with marks from other therapist.  I am not sure if it is technique or what the Chinese claim – negative energy elements coming to the surface and leaving the body. I’ve only tried my legs but have several sessions scheduled now to try my back and arms. I cannot wait to see how it feels on my back!!

Hope this helps and that you get cupped!