Things a Bodybuilder (ME) Cannot Live Without……..


1. Kitchen Gadgets – They are like accessories and travel with me at all times. These gadgets include my food scale, measuring cups and spoons, tupperware and shaker bottles. My family still gets a bit embarrassed when we go out to eat and I pull my gadgets out of my purse. Gotta stick to those macros!!

2. Peanut butter and/or Powdered Peanut Butter – WHY oh WHY does it have to taste so damn good!! I don’t dare have P28 Signature Blend in the house while I am cutting, I can usually control myself but that stuff is like crack. For safety I stick to PB2 while prepping for shows.  Otherwise I must have my P28.

3. Food Porn – I am not sure if it is a form of torture or what but I love looking at food porn! Many of us bodybuilders post pictures on Facebook, I read magazines and I surf the internet to research menus at restaurants, I guess kind of like a wish list. Diners, Drives-In and Dives is my favorite TV show.

4. Logs for Workouts and Diet – We should all have and follow a structured workout plan. We need the logs to follow the plan and track all of those gains we are making!!  I plan my menu days ahead so I know what I am eating and make sure I’ve met my macros.  Thank goodness for that calculates everything for us – what did they do back in the 80’s? I wont’ even start on 80’s workout apparel.

5. Walden Farms – Any of it but mostly the pancake syrup and caramel dip. I think the pancake syrup is the best and I use it on my egg white pancakes, chicken, sweet potatoes, oatmeal….well you get the picture, I cannot live without it. Mixing PB2 and the caramel dip is like candy.

6. Newest workout apparel – We all LOVE our shirts with cleaver slogans! My newest obsession are socks from the Sox Box, Reebok shorts and well…..really any good looking apparel.  Of course my custom made chucks are my favorite shoes, we all lift in converse shoes right!?!

7. Supplements – We look for the tastiest protein powder, BCAA’s and Creatine. That is all I need and I CAN live without all the other crap.

8. Body Work – Many people might think that massages are a luxury but I see them as a necessity to keep me injury free.  I get a massage every 4th week at the end of my deload week to ensure my body is ready to go for another 3 weeks of heavy lifting.  I also see my chiropractor every 3 weeks to make sure everything is in alignment.  We want our bodies in proper alignment to make sure all the neurons and muscles are properly firing. Ever try cupping massage? It is amazing on those super tight muscles (my IT bands and adductors).

9. Weight belts and straps – more accessories – what every girl likes.

10. Bags – We gotta bring all of our accessories into the gym and we MUST travel with a cooler bag. My cooler bag is carry on friendly for when you travel on the airlines.  Note – when traveling make sure your ice packs are frozen solid when going through security or else they will take them away!

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