Rhubarb Apple PB Oatmeal


This is one of my favorite bedtime snacks. I always have a hearty & satisfying bedtime snack to make sure I sleep well.

Calories              296

Protein                 19

Carbs                     46

Fat                           4

Ingredients & Directions:

*put 1 cup of water on to boil then add ½ cup of old wessex 5 grain cereal

*while oatmeal is cooking, dice up ½ cup fresh rhubarb and sauté with cinnamon, ground clove and truvia until cooked (mushy) – you can use any spices that you like

*when rhubarb is cooked (mushy) add ½ cup unsweetened applesauce and mix together

*in a bowl add cooked oatmeal, cooked rhubarb applesauce combination and ½ scoop (16grams) of peanut butter protein powder and ENJOY!

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