Training Update 5/17/14 & WORKOUT CHALLENGE


This week concluded another deload week for me which means a week of CrossFit. I really enjoy this week because I get a break from the heavy lifting and volume and am able to try completely different exercises from my usual training. It is a great break mentally and excellent conditioning!

I feel like I had a successful week.  I am most excited to say that  I have FINALLY mastered the kipping pull-ups. If you read my training update from 1/20/2014 you will see that they’ve been a challenge for me and they were on my list of things to accomplish. I also mastered the rope climb to the top (first time getting to the top and quickly), improved my technique on cleans, handled 30# wall balls and I completed a modified version of a CrossFit Regional Event. My trainer, Anthony Vorachak, qualified for the Regionals CrossFit Games by placing 13th in the Northeast and 127th worldwide! I was nervous he was going to put me through one of the workouts and I was right to be worried. However he modified the workout for me knowing I am ‘deloading’.

This workout was the probably the most challenging part of the week. So much so that I thought I would share with it and challenge you to give it a try. Have fun!!

GOAL: complete in 21 minutes. The actual workout is 50 reps. Anthony modified to 30 reps for me. Another modification was that I did ring push-ups vs ring dips. It is just cruel to go from wall balls to dips and then right back to wall balls.

Modified Regional Event/Workout:

30 calorie row

30 box jump overs

30 deadlifts (125#)

30 wall balls (14#)

30 ring push ups

30 wall balls

30 deadlifts

30 box jump overs

30 calorie row

I wanted to take some videos but we forgot – promise to take videos of me suffering (I am mean working) during my next deload week!!

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