How to Communicate with a Bodybuilder-Especially a HUNGRY ONE!


I am sharing these comments with the hopes of offering some humor and education. I am hoping to both educate the people making the comments and offer some help for those of us on the receiving end. I am really hoping to just make you giggle – life is short so why sweat the small stuff!

I try not to get upset when I receive these comments but instead look for the positive and humor in them – really! A friend shared a very valuable insight with me – she said that many people are just curious about what we do and are simply looking for information. They do not want to be mean and are simply interested in what we do because they see how we can transform our bodies. So keep this in mind if these comments ever come your way – Thanks Diana for that insight!

I am not perfect and know that I’ve said and acted in ways that I shouldn’t have especially when I am HANGRY (anger from hunger).  I try to be a positive role model, helpful and supportive of everyone regardless of their goals or fitness level. So I hope this posts makes us all think about the way we communication with others both personally and professionally. A bit more kindness and support could never hurt in all aspects of our lives.

“YOU MIGHT PLACE 2ND OR 3RD DEPENDING ON HOW THE OTHER COMPETITORS LOOK.” Yes someone actually said this to me before my very first competition. I was so shocked; I didn’t know if it was an insult or a compliment. You just need to ignore these types of comments and move on.

“OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO SKINNY – YOU ARE SKIN AND BONES.” Being a bodybuilder you do not want to hear those words – you want to look muscular. INSTEAD you could say “WOW you are looking lean and mean”. As a competitor you just have to  think WOW I must be SHREDDED. ALWAYS look for the positives in those comments!!

“WOW – YOU’VE PUT SOME WEIGHT BACK ON- HOW MUCH HAVE YOU GAINED?” We don’t need to be told when we are in our off-season. Would you say that to any other human being and if not then why is it OK to point out weight gain to a competitor. Off-season body image is difficult for many competitors and I continue to struggle with it. Just keep in mind that we cannot look show ready all the time. Your biggest hindrance to growth and making gains can be trying to have that shredded look all the time. You cannot be super-lean year round or year after year.

“I REALLY ADMIRE YOU – IT MUST BE DIFFICULT TO WALK AROUND HEAVIER COMPARED TO WHEN YOU COMPETE.”  Basically this person told me that she admires me for walking around the gym looking fatter – WAY TO GO ME!! Again, I was stunned but my husband said she obviously meant that I was looking BIGGER and as in MORE MUSCLE which is my goal. Again, look for the positive!!

“YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE GOOD GENETICS.” I just LOVE this one. Good genes or not it takes a lot of hard work and hours to be stage ready. To be successful, you must dedicate 100% of yourself to your training, diet and mental approach. If you ever receive this comment simply say Thank You and know that you look good due to those good genetics – right!?! Thank your mom & dad.

“YOU MUST BE SICK OF EATING BLAND FOODS.” – ahhhhhh – I do not eat bland foods. I am actually very creative and follow the rule IIFYM – If It Fits Your Macros. I can eat whatever I want as long as I stay within my given macros. Check out my recipe section for my creative and tasty recipes.

“BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.”   Meaning next time I will place better in a show. This one is difficult for competitors to learn and understand let alone non-competitors. Eric taught me that it is not about how I place in the judges eyes it is about being better each time on stage compared to the last time. Eric keeps enforcing Tara 2014 will be better than Tara 2013. It is about being better for you each time. What matters here is that you know you presented a better version of yourself!


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