No Bake Energy Bites by Julie


On occasion I crave a sweet treat and my friend, Julie Christian, is the one that helps me out.  I cannot bake but Julie is an excellent and creative baker and is able to make macro friendly treats for me!  She has become smarter and only gives me portions that I am allowed:)  These energy packed bites are one of Julie’s tasty creations!

Per Bite:

Calories             110

Protein                  3

Carbs                    12

Fat                          6

Ingredients & Directions:

Mix the following together in a bowl

*80g Old Wessex 5 grain Oats

*60g Chocolate chips

*90g Peanut butter

*50g Ground Flax Seeds

*75g Raw Honey

*1 tsp Vanilla

Makes 15 Balls

You can make this a higher protein snack by using P28 peanut butter but be sure to adjust the macros.



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