Cranberry Sauce


I go through phases of eating things non-stop. My current obsession is cranberry sauce! Before I post the easy meals/recipes that involve cranberry sauce I thought I should first post how to make the sauce. I make a bunch at once and just store it in the fridge so it is easy to grab and create.

Serving per ½ cup

Calories              28

Protein                  0

Carbs                     7

Fat                          0

Ingredients & Directions:

Mix the following together in a medium pot

*20 oz. fresh cranberries

*3 TBSP truvia

*1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

Cook together on medium heat until you hear the cranberries popping and they start to look mushy. I cook for about 10 minutes. Then place into large bowl and let cool a bit before storing in fridge, EASY!

Stay tuned for cranberry recipes. For now it’s great on toast or on top of chicken.


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