Chocolate Strawberry Protein Fluff-LOW CARB FROZEN TREAT



Calories               205

Protein                   25

Carbs                       15

Fat                             5

Ingredients & Directions:

*1 scoop (32.3g) chocolate casein protein powder (I use Core Pro Chocolate Delight Protein Blend)

*1 cup FROZEN strawberries sliced in halves

*1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Put protein powder and almond milk in bowl and blend well.  Again, I use my Cuisinart Smart Stick.  At first it will seem very hard to blend BUT the longer you blend the more it creates.  Then slowly add in FROZEN strawberries and keep blending – the more time you blend the better the fluff.  My bowl goes from almost empty to full AND THIS TASTES LIKE FROZEN YOGURT!


Use casein powder

Use frozen fruit

BLEND for time

I just bought a peanut butter ice cream flavor powder that I am going to try with a frozen banana. YUM


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