PB & Banana Panini


This combination is SO GOOD – like a dessert!  The outside was warm and crispy and the inside was gooey good.  The macros are higher then I would usually  have for a ‘snack’ like meal but it is worth the treat to make the macros work.  You can reduce the macros by replacing the P28 spread with Powdered Peanut Butter and using a different wrap – like a Joseph’s.

Calories                477

Protein                   21

Carbs                       60

Fat                            17

Ingredients & Directions:

Warm up Panini Press or if you don’t have one – warm up skillet –works just as well!

*1 Organic Sprouted Grain Ezekiel Tortilla

*spread 2 TSBP of P28 Signature Blend peanut butter (OMG GOOD) on one side of tortilla

*slice 100g banana in long thin slices and place on top of spread

*fold over and put in panini press until the tortilla is warm and crispy



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