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BPM                                               Heart beats per minute. Normal range is 60-100 BPM

Resting Heart Rate                Your heart rate taken at complete rest – taken as soon as you wake up BEFORE getting up out of bed.  An indication of improved fitness is a lowered resting heart rate         

Maximum Heart Rate          Is the highest heart rate an individual can achieve without severe problems through exercise stress. Can be calculated by using the formula 220-age = MHR

Heart Rate Zones                  To make tracking your exercise intensity easier to manage, groups of heart zones are commonly used.  There are numerous ways to calculate zones but below are the NASM’S guidelines:

ZONE 1 – 65%-75% of Max. Heart Rate (220-age)  – Purpose is to build aerobic base and aid in recovery

ZONE 2 – 80%-85% Max. Heart Rate (220-age) – Purpose is to increase endurance and trains the anaerobic threshold

ZONE 3 – 86%-90% Max. Heart Rate (220-age) – Purpose is to build high-end work capacity – when done properly you cannot stay in this zone for more then 30 – 90 seconds at a time. I have clients start with 5 minute warm up – then get into Zone 3 for as long as possible then 2-5 minute recovery, repeat and complete cycle with 5 minute cool down.  Number of cycles depends on level of fitness

MISS                         Cardio session where you maintain – Moderate Intensity Steady State (Zone 1 & 2)

HIIT                            High Intensity Interval Training (Zone 3)

Intensity                    The level of demand placed on the body by a given activity

Aerobic                     Oxygen is necessary for sustaining many bodily functions when activity is longer than 30 seconds.  These activities are said to be aerobic; meaning WITH oxygen in the muscles. Example – long steady run

Anaerobic                 Activities that last for seconds and are not dependent on oxygen for proper execution are said to be anaerobic; meaning WITHOUT oxygen in the muscles. NOTE – the body still does generate sufficient oxygen in this state. Example – 20 second sprint OR BODYBUILDING – heavy lifts at low rep range – or jumping – any high intensity movement

Anaerobic Threshold        The exercise intensity at which lactic acid starts to accumulate in the bloodstream.  This happens when it is produced faster than it can be removed or metabolized.  This is described as the BURN and GASPING for air


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