March Madness

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March is just a few days away and my clients are preparing for our annual March Madness Challenge.

I thought I would share this idea with you to try.


*For the month of March you need to exercise 6 days a week allowing one day of complete rest. Exercises can include your days lifting, training with a trainer, taking a class, going for walks, skating, skiing, swimming, etc. If you already work out 6 days a week then challenge yourself each workout – add a set, up the weight or add that one extra hard rep.

*keep track of your workouts and progress.

*EXTRA BONUS – set a goal and work towards it for the month.  Example, I have a female client that is trying for a 200lb deadlift.


*My clients who participate purchase a small gift – this can be anything – something funny, journal, workout socks, spa goodies, books, gift certificates, etc. They bring the gifts in wrapped during the 1st week of March. I hold the gifts.

*at the beginning of April we have a TEAM WORKOUT.

*I bring the wrapped gifts to the TEAM WORKOUT and participants get to pick from the gift basket as a reward for their hard work during MARCH MADNESS.


*round up your family and friends.

*have FUN – buddy up and work together.

*set some goals and aim for success!!


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