Off-Season – 1/04/2014

My last competition was November 2nd, 2013 so I am officially in my off-season.  Off-season means that I do not compete and try to gain some muscle mass before I have to trim the fat again. If I maintained a low body fat year round, I wouldn’t be able to gain any lean muscle mass. The competition is definitely harder now that I am at a professional level.  Therefore, I really need to take advantage of this period of time to build more muscle mass in order to be more competitive.

During my off-season my macronutrients increase, which means more food.  My grams of protein remain the same year round (150 grams) but my carbs and fat adjust according to where I am in my training. Currently my carbs and fat grams are slowly increasing which makes me a happy girl.  I have more energy and strength which is needed to get the work done in the gym.

Below (left photos taken November 2012 and right summer 2013) are pictures taken before and after my last off-season – can you see the gains I made? Cannot wait to see what this current off-season creates.

tara post 1 tara post2

tara post3 tara post4

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