Bison Stuffed Peppers

stuffed peppers


Calories               255

Protein                 32 grams

Carbs                    23 grams

Fat                          3 grams

 Ingredients per pepper:

4 oz  Raw (uncooked) ground bison

1/2 cup COOKED brown long grain rice

1 whole green pepper – cut off the top and take out seeds

1/2 cup Walnut Acres Tomato Basil no salt added sauce

Mix all of the above with spices you like (garlic, basil, oregano). NOTE – I use 1/2 of the sauce in the meat & rice mixture and then put the rest on top of the stuffed pepper.

Top with 1 TBSP Go Veggie Dairy Free Parmesan Style Topping

Bake at 375 for 45 minutes OR works great in the crockpot.  Put the stuffed peppers in the crockpot on low all day and enjoy when you get home.

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